Athletic Field Management

Athletic Field Management

Custom programs tailored to the needs of YOUR field. We work with you to establish a program based on your turf condition, soil type, and level of play. We are your partner in every aspect of developing the best playing surface for your teams.

Greener Grass in Spring

  • High nutrient Carbon based fertilizers to provide early season green up.

Guaranteed Weed Free

  • Blanket liquid weed control applications to eliminate unsightly dandelions and clover.

Non-intrusive Aerations

  • Liquid aeration can be done any time of year. No need to mark irrigation heads and no need to plan around the mess left behind of core aeration. Eliminate compaction often times left behind from players, increase oxygen and nutrients in the soil, and drive roots deeper.

Increased Turf Density

  • All fertilizers coated with humic and sea kelp to deepen root zones of turf. Establishes a thick, healthy turf resilient to heavy player traffic in-season and provides quick recovery from damage after season is complete.

Controlled Growth

  • Unlike high nitrogen fertilizers where the plant grows crazy fast, balanced micro nutrient treatments combined with humic and kelp coated fertilizers results in growth where it matters, at the roots. Top growth is kept in check, less grass being cut, which results in more manageable turf.

Free Consulting

  • We work with your team to set up a plan for your field and answer questions any time.
  • We will help you set up an effective water schedule based on your soil conditions and playing schedule.
  • We will outline proper mowing heights, times of day, frequency, patterns, etc.


  • We provide aeration and overseeding with various blends of seed based on your turf profile to thicken damaged areas in the off season and maintain turf aesthetics.

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