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A Complete Plan Tailored to You

When you get a fertilization and weed control plan from the experts at Turfmen Lawns, you’re not just getting a cookie-cutter program. We follow a 6 – step plan that’s tailored to your lawn’s soil and environmental conditions. This means you’ll have a weed-free and healthy lawn. Guaranteed.

Early Spring Pre-Emergent

Carbon-based granular fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass preventer applied to prevent germination of crabgrass and annual weeds. Assists in recovery from winter dormancy and establish early green-up fertilizer coated with humic acid and kelp to stimulate root development.

Late Spring Fertilizer & Broadleaf Control

Blanket liquid application with micro-nutrients to feed the root zone of your lawn and blanket weed control to knock out late spring weeds like dandelions and clover.

Early Summer Fertilizer and Weed Spot Treatment

Carbon-based granular fertilizer is applied to improve turf density and color. Spot spray weed control. Fertilizer coated with humic acid and kelp to stimulate root development.

Late Summer Fertilization and Insecticide

Blanket liquid application with micro-nutrients to feed the root zone of your lawn and blanket insecticide to eliminate damaging surface feeding insects.

Early Fall Fertilizer and Humic Acid Treatment

Carbon-based granular fertilizer is applied to assist in recovery from summer heat and nutrient depreciation spot spray weed control. Fertilizer coated with humic acid and kelp to stimulate root development.

Late Fall Winterization Fertilizer Application

High nutrient, carbon-based, balanced fertilizer including RGS soil stimulant applied to promote root growth and build nutrient reserves as the lawn prepares for winter dormancy.

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Are you an existing customer and have been interested in our Mosquito Program?

Existing customers can try out the program by receiving their first application from our 6-step Mosquito Prevention Program completely free!

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Other Lawn Care Services

Although fertilization and weed control is a big part of what makes our lawn care programs so successful, we also offer other lawn care related services.

Mosquitoes are a big nuisance in the Michiana area. Our mosquito programs keep your lawn free from them.

We offer safe and effective programs to treat and prevent pests such as ticks, fleas, and spiders from invading your lawn.

Our lawn aeration and soil amendment services provide and ideal soil environment for your grass to grow deep roots.

With overseeding, we provide thicker and fuller lawns by filling in areas where grass can still grow.

What Our Clients Say

Don’t just listen to what we have to say about our own services.  Take a look at what our clients have to say about us.

First year user of TurfMen Lawns. They call or text before they come out and are very nice. Reasonably priced and my yard is looking great! Thank you for the good service!

Paul S.

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I was impressed with the reasonable rate, the frequency of the visits and the professional manner in which both the person who did the work each application and the office personnel responded to my questions and concerns.

Linda B.

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