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Lawn fertilization and weed control plans are only as good as the quality of soil the roots are growing in. Our soil amendment services provide ideal environments for grass and root systems to grow.

Spring & Fall Aeration with our Soil Booster Program

Our lawns take a beating every year. Once throughout the normal year from wear and tear and again during the winter months with freezing and thawing. This causes our soil to undergo stress which makes it more difficult for our grass’ roots to grow deeper and stronger.

Liquid Aeration

When soil is compacted, it needs to be aerated. Aeration is the process of loosening the soil so roots can grow deeper and nutrients can be delivered more efficiently to those roots. We accomplish this through liquid aeration treatments twice a year in the spring and the fall.

Most lawn care companies provide core aeration, which leaves unattractive soil plugs all over our lawns. Liquid aeration is a better alternative to other lawn aeration methods like core aeration due to the fact it does not impede on other services such as pre-emergent applications during the spring.

If you’re wondering if your lawn needs aeration, we can provide a free soil test to tell you the viability of your soil and what program would be right for you.

Liquid Dethatch & Humic Acid

Thatch buildup is the layer of roots and dead grass that covers the top of your soil. Typically, this goes unnoticed as prevailing grass covers the thatch. But thatch can be a large hinderence in the effective deliverability of nutrients to our roots.

Traditional dethatching is done with a machine that is hard on the lawn and can even damage our healthy grass while trying to clear out the dead thatch. That’s why we incorporate liquid dethatch that breaks it up without the harsh methods.

In addition to this, we also supply applications of humic acid to balance your soil’s pH level, providing an optimal growth habitat for your grass.

Professional Granular Lawn Fertilizer Service in Granger, IN

Lawn Fertilization Plans

When people think lawn care, they typically think fertilization and weed control plans. When they think that, we want them to think of Turfmen Lawns. Our fertilization and weed control plans are tailored to your lawn’s unique soil properties as well as the environment and ecosystem that surrounds it.

Professional Lawn Pest Service in Granger, IN

Lawn Pest Prevention

We offer a number of outdoor pest control services ranging from mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks to japanese beetles, spiders, and armyworms. Our pest control services are meant to keep pests out of your lawn so you can enjoy it and prevent them from entering your home so you can relax.

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I was impressed with the reasonable rate, the frequency of the visits and the professional manner in which both the person who did the work each application and the office personnel responded to my questions and concerns.

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